Self Growth

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- Feel CONFIDENT Instantly

Confidence is a state of mind which any one can tap. Every human being born on planet earth is unique, special and has potential that can be developed. Happy mind accompanies Confidence. A sad person can never be confident. The easiest way to be confident is to be happy. Every person wants to be happy, that's the ultimate goal of our every activity.

Tap the State of confidence

Majority of the time we feel under confident because of continuous thoughts running through our mind. We cannot control these thoughts but we can work on origin of thoughts and that is STATE OF MIND. The person who is in the present moment will be aware and this will give him confidence that he needs in daily activities of live.

To come in present moment just take two minutes and focus on your breathing. Do not judge it as good or bad. Just be aware of it without any labelling. The moment you become aware of your breathing, you come in present moment and that is what will give you confidence because your brain is focused, Aware and relaxed.

P - Present

M - Moment

A - Awareness

- Go ahead, make the change

Begin a new life with NEW YOU "I am beginning new life in a new way here and NOW"

If we make positive changes everyday, our life will be beyond our wildest expectation. Take a step everyday and make a habit of becoming better everyday. If you have read it today, ask yourself, what is that I can improve today? Trust your inner instinct and take a step towards BETTER YOU .

-Nadeem Kazi, Author, Unlock the Extraordinary

- A step towards Better you

Get up with Courage

Get with Enthusiasm

Get up with a Rich, Royal, Genuine and Sweet Smile,

Get up with feeling of Gratitude

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Get up and take first step towards Better You

-Nadeem Kazi

- My daily Affirmation to lead a better life

"I already live a life filled with Joy, Zest, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Smile, Laughter, Love, Trust, Acceptance and Gratitude"

-Nadeem Kazi

Read this loudly and repeat it as much as you can, your life will be beautiful for sure. Finally our life is what we believe.

- Be a master learner

"Reinforce your learning everyday, that's the only way to become master learner"-

-Nadeem Kazi, Author, Unlock the Extraordinary, Pune's leading Self Growth Trainer.

- Quotes


"If we make a better choice in here and now,
we'll love to spend coming time...
Choose higher,Choose better in here and now,
Simply because u deserve it"

"Todays time is never going to come back
how I can use it to step up in dirn of my dreams
so that I will be be proud to tel my mother about it."

"The beauty of life is in being YOURSELF"
be yourself,belive in yourself,beware of yourself."

"Dont gaze at how prices are increasing,because
even if you do,you cant do anything.The only way
you have is to raise your income

"I begin my day with enthusiasm,Today I choose to live with
HIGH ENERGY,superb passion and unbound love for myself
and all those who are close to my heart.I'll most of each moment
today and everyday".

"If you just do 10% of what you talk,
you wil become successful beyond,
your wildest expectation."

"Start smiling more,the more you smile,
the more prosperousyou wil be."

"Nourish Your Actions,
Results wil Bloom".

"Focus on G O O D in your life,focus on your STRNGTHS,
FOCUS on right things you are doing,a little SHIFT in foucus
will make a BIG DIFFERENCE".

"I love making positive changes,the day I fall in love with life,
I explore beauty which I never thought of".

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