We have designed our training course by identifying needs and wants of people catering to diverse set of individuals belonging to various sectors and academicians like undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, lecturers, doctors, businessman, I.T. professionals and MBA graduates.

Moreover we use NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and power of 3 minds to unleash your true potential which make it easier to acquiring new skills to master them. Using positive mind programming effectively we have already made difference in thousands of lives and we are here to help you tap amazing powers of your mind and to live life of your dream.

Brain Treasures Academy focuses on the overall development of people and most importantly believes in practical exposure for the students which gradually results in all new personality over a period of time. It sounds mundane to mention. Rome wasn’t built in a day or two however it has a very beautiful message for everyone it says:

'To accomplish a masterpiece one needs to put in his/her best of the efforts with utmost dedication.'

When we start enjoying the process of learning and use it in a day today life the real satisfaction can be felt but can’t be measured.

There is no institute in this world that can make you perfect in English or any other language for that matter within 60 days or 90 days of training programme.

However we help you overcome the challenges on your journey towards perfection of English language and overall growth of personality.

We do know that most of you all dream of speaking English fluently as we speak Marathi, Hindi or any other regional language but till today you could not.

Dear friend do you ....

  • Hesitate while communicating with others in English and make mistakes in grammar, pronunciations or sentence construction?
  • Want to speak English as fluently as Marathi, Hindi or any other language?
  • Want to speak English without thinking in Marathi, Hindi or any other language?
  • Find challenging facing interviews with confidence?
  • Feel shy speaking with a group of people?
  • Have poor memory and concentration?
  • Think about life with negative ideas?
  • Want to solve personal problems?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above then we have got the excellent staff who have mastered their skills in communication skills and personality development with some wonderful achievements.

Brain Treasures academy deals with two major courses.

  • English speaking/communication skills by
  • Mr.Salim Shaikh MBA from Pune University.

  • Personality development by
  • Mr.Nadeem Kazi who is a life management coach an Author and a Professional trainer.

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